Saturday, October 7, 2017

iSupport Achieves Milestone With A New Site

Did you know that the fast growing international BPO company iSupport Worldwide shifts into high gear towards further expansion as it reaches another milestone with their new site that will be fully operational at the start of the last quarter of this year?

In this regard, last September 29, officers and employees of iSupport took part in the handover ceremony of their second facility at the 12th floor of Ro14binsons Cyberscape Beta in Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

“Gradually, we are establishing ourselves as one of the most sought-after employers in the industry today. This new facility is the symbol of the best of what all of us can achieve if we work together,” explains Charlie Bognot, Director for Human Resources of iSupport.

Bognot also shared that the company remains committed to helping client’s businesses grow with the wide range of services they offer from voice to non-voice from different fields or industries like finance and accounting, customer service, marketing, sales support, IT, insurance, healthcare, medical, advertising, HR recruitment and more.

Last September 29, officers and employees of iSupport Worldwide, from left, Pacifico “Ping” Juan Candy Poblete, Michael Manaois, Romaness Cornelia, Galeleo Sorita, Grace De Jesus and Ferdinand Diaz Jr. took part in the handover ceremony of their second facility at the 12th floor of Robinsons Cyberscape Beta in Ortigas Center, Pasig City. Get in touch with iSupport today to learn more about its flexible and scalable outsourcing services. Visit their website at

Friday, April 22, 2016

AFFIreveals roadmap for next 5 years SMEs, entrepreneurs urged to thrive by 2020

“It’s the first of its kind, because now, we are moving out of the walls of the seminar room and bringing education right where the action happens,” Mr. Ilao pointed out.

This year, AFFI has also expanded its Executive Committee and created a Leadership Council to get more of the organization’s members involved in its operations. On top of this are plans for roadshows and caravans around the Philippines and some neighboring countries in Asia.

The growing number of millennials and the shift in power towards the youth also takes a huge place in AFFI’s current roadmap with the Education Committee launching a Youth Council Program inside the organization.
“These young people are the future of this country and we can’t just let this opportunity pass without training them to be young entrepreneurs,” shared Mr. Ilao.

But perhaps the highlight of the entire event was the unveiling of the Seal of Entrepreneurship Excellence that will be given to AFFI members as the embodiment of their commitment in the coming years.

“It signifies our vow to push boundaries and challenge our own limitations. That we are not afraid to face competition from both local and international brands. That we are pursuing excellence for our employees, for our partners, and most importantly for ourselves,” said Mr. Ilao.

AFFI was founded in 1997 by Bob Juan of Labandera Ko,Armando Bartolome of GMB, Tony Cruz of Pancit Malabon, Jorge Wieneke and Jose Magsaysay of Potato Corner, Teresa Laurel of Goto King, Pacita Juan of Figaro, and Richie Cuna of Fiorgelato to raise awareness for entrepreneurship in the country and lend support for fellow MSMEs trying to make it in the cutthroat world of business.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Here’s what to consider for your big investment with regards in buying or investing real properties

The Philippines’ is projected to be the fourth fastest growing economy in the world this year according to data gathered by CNN Money. As an effect of the promise of a strong economic climate, the general consumer mindset is now leaning towards prospects that allow them to wisely exercise their financial decisions.
The real estate industry is one sector that is currently enjoying the perks of this shift thanks to the higher purchasing power of consumers. But how can we gauge financial readiness for such big purchases?
“You have to make sure you have financial independence,” Wealth Management Expert Johner Fernandez advised during a short investment seminar hosted by premium property developer, Ovialand, Inc. “If you are earning enough to cover your daily needs and still have enough left to invest without short-changing yourself, then you are ready.”
According to Fernandez, one common slip-up of people who are planning to buy their own house is mistaking saving and investing as similar concepts. While both are interrelated, the two are entirely different from each other.
“Before you can finally buy your very own house, you have to keep away 10% of your regular monthly income for short-term savings and 10% for long-term savings. The money that you should use for your property should be on top of these,” Fernandez clarified.
A promising venture
Real estate is one of the most promising industries in the country at present. Especially with the call to decentralize Manila gaining traction because of its chronic problems, property developers are now actively eyeing other locations as possible new growth hubs.
Fernandez shared, “It’s all about location. With efforts to distribute services and resources in Manila, the provinces near it are the ones most likely to receive its growth traffic.” He added, “You also have to consider the possible progress of the place. Think of Ortigas. Prices of properties there were very affordable before. Nobody would have thought it would grow into a business district.”
Sto. Tomas, Batangas is among South Luzon’s provinces that have been showing significant progress. Supported by strong infrastructure and its competitive location, the once rural town is steadily transitioning into the next business and social hub with industrial parks, global companies, and lifestyle centers breaking ground on its soil.
As a response, more and more property developers are eyeing the province to support the influx of people that comes with its growth.
Ovialand Inc (640x360)
 Real estate: A smart way of saving money
Did you know that owning your own home is actually a financial move that can lead to more savings in the long run? Fatima Olivares-Vital, Business Unit Head of Ovialand, Inc. explained, “Renting may seem like a cheaper option at first, but it is still better to put your money in a property you can call your own.”
She adds, “It’s easy to lose track of your mundane expenses. Instead, you can invest the money for your possible mortgage payments. In 5-10 years, you will have something tangible, valuable and usable that can even be converted to cash!” 
Finding a developer that offers flexible transactions can make purchasing a home more manageable. For its maiden project Terrazza de Sto. Tomas, for example, Ovialand offers competitive packages and professional financing assistance to ensure that buyers are properly assisted during the whole process. In addition to having reliable partner banks and an in-house financing system, clients are also assigned their dedicated Account Officers who will coordinate all the details of the sale.
Fernandez said, “This is where the credibility of the property builder comes in. You need to study the company, see how they work, and how they build houses.”
He closes, “Buying a property should be viewed as a form of business partnership with your developer. To make the venture a success, you should look for the best partners.”
Ovialand, Inc. a subsidiary of MCDC, with over 28 years of experience in housing development. No project undelivered in the history.
• Every experience is an opportunity to keep improving ourselves. Our goal is to provide accurate, precise and timely delivery of our promises. We want you to be satisfied with our commitments.
• We understand that each purchase of a house and lot is a milestone, and we are committed into turning this milestone into a memorable and pleasant experience that will be a preview of your happy memories and memorable new life in our projects.
• We are committed to giving our market the best value-for-money NOT JUST house and lot but DEVELOPMENT. We understand that you are buying into a lifestyle and into a community, not just a house and lot.
• From your house purchase all the way to the property management, we strive to do our best to give you the quality and lifestyle you deserve.